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Total Distance: 64.00 Miles (Rank: 41st)
Average Distance: 8.00 Miles

Average Rating: 4stars (4.13)
Average Difficulty: 3stars (3.02)
Average Solitude: 2point5stars (2.83)

Earliest Log Entry: 10/27/2017
Latest Log Entry: 2/10/2018

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Sunset from Lost Mine trail

Sunset from Lost Mine trail [Big Bend - Lost Mine Trail]
Log Entries
Popular walk to a very beautiful pool
Hamilton Pool - 2/10/2018  [View Log Page]
Rating: 4point5stars Difficulty: 3stars Solitude: 1point5stars
Distance: 19.00 Miles Duration: N/A

The pool is breathtaking. One of those spots where you know the photos won’t do justice to the scene. Allow some time at the pool, and worth also doing at least part of the trail towards the Pedernales River (where there will also be far fewer people!)


Nice views from the top of Enchanted Rock
Enchanted Rock - 2/10/2018  [View Log Page]
Rating: 4stars Difficulty: 4point5stars Solitude: 3point5stars
Distance: 4.50 Miles Duration: N/A

I did a circular walk around the eastern part of the park, including an"off track" descent down the back of the dome. A fun few hours here; after haf a day I felt I'd seen enough!

Fairly boring walk with a happy ending
Big Bend - The Window - 2/3/2018  [View Log Page]
Rating: 4stars Difficulty: 3stars Solitude: 4stars
Distance: 5.50 Miles Duration: N/A

The wak itself is rather dull, as it heads down through the Basin... the payoff is the last half a mile, when you enter the narrow canyon chiselled out by Oak Creek and emerge at the WIndow. The view out isn't spectacular, but it's pretty cool seeing the desert through a narrow slit in the Chisos mountain rim. Go very early or late (sunset here is nice) - you'll avoid the crowds, and the walk is mostly exposed with not much shade until the end. 

Track notes and photos: https://hikingtheworld.blog/2017/10/29/the-window/

Long day walk, with amazing views
Big Bend - South Rim - 10/28/2017  [View Log Page]
Rating: 5stars Difficulty: 4stars Solitude: 3point5stars
Distance: 19.00 Miles Duration: 8 hours, 45 minutes

A long day walk, but varied scenery and amazing views. If you don’t like heights or rock scrambling, skip the Emory Peak summit and do the extended South Rim (Northeast and Southeast Rim trails). If you only do one walk in Big Bend – do this one!

Detailed track notes and photos: https://hikingtheworld.blog/2017/10/29/emory-peak-big-bend/

Great views from the peak
Big Bend - Emory Peak Trail - 10/28/2017  [View Log Page]
Rating: 5stars Difficulty: 4point5stars Solitude: 2point5stars
Distance: 3.00 Miles Duration: N/A

Did Emory Peak as a side-trip on the South Rim circuit walk - fantastic 360-degree views from the top. Rock scramble required at the end - if you're not comfortable with some exposure, do South Rim instead!

Track notes: https://hikingtheworld.blog/2017/10/29/emory-peak-big-bend/