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Hamilton Pool
Hamilton Pool (Photo by oliverd)
texas roadrunner
never got this close to one before (Photo by jimmy peace)
River Trail
There is a narrow, 0.6 mile trail that takes you to the river and back. (Photo by Blaze)
Water flows off the rock ceiling into the pool below, especially after it has rained. (Photo by Blaze)
Walk Through
You can walk on a narrow path on the inside underneath the impressive ceiling. (Photo by Blaze)
Impressive Formation
Hamilton Pool is a very impressive geological formation. (Photo by Blaze)
Turtle on Bald Cypress
As I walked through the forest I saw some turtles bathing in the sun. (Photo by JEMS1212)
While walking to the Pedernales River you go though this swampy part of the forest. (Photo by JEMS1212)
Goblins of the Forest
Goblins that were in the movie (Photo by JEMS1212)
Hamilton Pool
Different angle of the Pool (Photo by JEMS1212)
the Pool
Hamilton Pool (Photo by JEMS1212)
This fellow was filling his cheeks full of nuts to store away for the upcoming winter. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trail View
The trails at Hamilton Pool parallel Hamilton Creek as it heads toward the Pedernales River. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Several spots along the trail allow for close access to the creek, like this one near a small waterfall. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Pedernales River
The trail ends at the Pedernales River. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Hamilton Pool is named after the small body of water at the base of the collapsed grotto with this waterfall cascading into it. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trail View
The trail loops completely around the overhang of the grotto. One spot along this section is quite narrow and requires a sideways shuffle. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Another view of the falls at Hamilton Pool. Note that the trail passes just behind the falls. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Hamilton Pool
photo by J.Lavin (Photo by pixistixs)