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Austin Explorer's Logbook


Total Log Entries: 175 (Rank: 3rd) [List Them] [Map Them]
Total Distance: 612.08 Miles (Rank: 3rd)
Average Distance: 3.50 Miles

Average Rating: (3.13)
Average Difficulty: (1.99)
Average Solitude: (2.59)

Earliest Log Entry: 4/7/2001
Latest Log Entry: 12/28/2013

Average ratings are based on the published values and not the values entered in your own log entries.


Trail View

The crosses the creek on several occasions but the bridges, such as this one, make the traverses easy. [Wells Branch Greenbelt]

Log Entries

Peninsula hike
Mansfield Dam Park - 12/28/2013  [View Log Page]
Rating: Difficulty: Solitude:
Distance: 5.00 Miles Duration: 3 hours

Coppertone and I went to the park today and hiked about 5 miles, but barely a foot on the park's official trails.  Instead, we hiked the peninsula leading to what is typically known as Sometimes Island.  The recent drought have exposed a large spit of land that used to be under the lake.  Water levels now are low enough that there's a continuous land bridge from the park.

We spend a few hours looking at shells, the foundations of the old tramway that was used to construct Mansfield Dam and logging a couple of caches.

There's not a trail on the peninsula, but there's relatively sparse vegetation that's taken root, even with the extended drought, so there's little or no resistance to meandering in any direction that you want.

When the spring rains come (hopefully) the land bridge will resubmerge and your opportunity to explore this spot will disappear with it.

Car Companions
Johnson Creek Greenbelt - 11/20/2013  [View Log Page]
Rating: Difficulty: Solitude:
Distance: 3.00 Miles Duration: N/A

Cars will be your common companion along much of the route.  Traffic noise is ever apparent, but this trail is a convenient way to get down to the Town Lake hike and bike trail.

Combined Mueller Greenway
Mueller Trails - 11/19/2013  [View Log Page]
Rating: Difficulty: Solitude:
Distance: 4.29 Miles Duration: 1 hour, 39 minutes

Walked the trails of Lake Park and then the connecting area north to the Best Buy. The weather was fairly pleasant today so I thought I get some walking in before lunch. Not sure if all of those areas should be treated as one trail or not.

In addition to the ubiquitous ducks around the pond I spotted a small flock of green parrots, who must be the descendants of escaped pets. Not native, but still more pleasant than the grackles!

Walking on water
Greenway Primitive Trails at Bee Cave - 11/3/2013  [View Log Page]
Rating: Difficulty: Solitude:
Distance: 4.50 Miles Duration: 3 hours, 30 minutes

Nice little trail system in an area outside of Austin without much of a choice.  Coppertone and I hiked every trail segment, though GPS problems resulted in us losing all of the Orange Route trail segment somehow.

With the recent rains there were a couple of segments, particularly in the northern Orange and Red Trails that werevery wet from flowing water.  In one case the water flowing down a trail leading to a creek made it look like a creek tributary rather than a trail!

We also suspect that some frogs along the creek greatly appreciated the recent rains.  They making quite a noise in spots.

Straight shot
Round Rock West Greenbelt - 7/20/2013  [View Log Page]
Rating: Difficulty: Solitude:
Distance: 1.87 Miles Duration: 37 minutes

This is a simple hike and bike trail through the Round Rock West neighborhood.  It's a straight shot almost literally since it follows a utility right of way.  Still, it's a bit nicer than walking on the street.