Lake Somerville Trailway Photos

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View of the trail.
Trail was mostly flat. (Photo by Eveline)
Park Entrance
We started near here. (Photo by Eveline)
Flag Pond
The trail takes you around and past the pond. (Photo by Blaze)
Lake Somerville
The trail offers nice views of the lake. (Photo by Blaze)
View Of The Trail
This part of the trail is simply mowed out of the grass. (Photo by Blaze)
Trail Map
This display map shows the Lake Somerville Trailway. (Photo by Blaze)
I ran into a family of tempermental javelinas along the trail. (Photo by Blaze)
Entrance Sign
This is the sign to the park. (Photo by Blaze)
Lake Somerville
This is a view of the lake. (Photo by Blaze)
Yegua Creek
This creek is a popular fishing spot. (Photo by Blaze)
I encountered this snake on the trail. (Photo by Blaze)
Lake View
Though water levels were low (Flag Pond was almost totally dry) Lake Somerville was still visible from the trail here and there. The white line in the middle of the photo in the distance is a large flock of birds enjoying the water. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The straight and not so narrow
Near the mid section of the trailway this straight shot divides the tree line from the grass line. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trail View
The trail is mostly a jeep trail or dirt road though a few side trails are more narrow. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Nice facilities
For a somewhat nondescript trail in a plain state park there are some well maintained facilities to be found, including this restroom and shade shelter. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The start of the trail has an impressive entrance and sign. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Fossilized wood
Lots of fossolozed wood and logs everywhere (Photo by jmitchell)