River Place Nature Trail Photos

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Waterfall and waterhole
Off of the Little Fern Trail segment (Photo by heatharcadia)
Stopped to take in the sun rising (Photo by heatharcadia)
Going down, then coming back up
An example of some of the stairs you'll encounter on this trail. (Photo by heatharcadia)
What a dork
Me at the end of the hike. I was pretty gassed. (Photo by texaskdog)
There is a nice lake near one of the trailheads. (Photo by Lone_Star)
View Of The Trail
The trail runs past an interesting rock ledge. (Photo by Lone_Star)
Good trail karma. (Photo by Lone_Star)
Trail Marker
Sort of a weird, jenga kind of trail marker. (Photo by Lone_Star)
Really liked the creeks here. Great for dogs and people of all ages. (Photo by 2AOutdoorsman)
My pooch taking in the creek ;) (Photo by maddix)
Texas Rocks
Yeah I didn't do this, but it's pretty cool anyways (Photo by jloop17)
Small Pond
One of the few times I saw water on the hike (not counting the times I was pouring my bottled water all over myself) (Photo by jloop17)
Golf Course view
A view from one of the higher points on the hike (Photo by jloop17)
Map of trail
Featuring the Emergency Exits in red. :-) (Photo by jtkatie)
Warning at the top trailhead
Always a sign of great things to come when there are Emergency Exits off of the trail you are about to go on! (Photo by jtkatie)
Go down to go back up
One of the most frustrating parts of this trail... you go down dozens of steps into gullies just to go back up the other side! (Photo by jtkatie)
Mile marker
The trail has very well-marked distances... although the gap from 1.5-2.0 on the way up seems a LOT longer! (Photo by jtkatie)
The view!
The view from the top of the hill is quite spectacular! (Photo by jtkatie)
The beginning of one of the most strenuous sections of the trail! (Photo by jtkatie)
Nice spot
One of the lovely resting areas with what seem to be brand new benches (Photo by jtkatie)
As you can see, the trail is well-constructed and well-used (Photo by jtkatie)
Wooden bridges
There are many wooden bridges throughout the "Lower Panther Trail" section (Photo by jtkatie)
The northern half of the trail contains the openings in the tree cover enough to garner a view such as this one. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Stairs, stairs and more stairs. This trail has them. There are some nice benches on which to rest as well though. (Photo by Austin Explorer)