Dinosaur Valley State Park Photos

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Dinosaur Valley SP
Lots and lots of water, we just enjoyed the scenery along the river...but no tracks! (Photo by CraigS)
View from the Yellow Trail
View of the Paluxy from most of the way up the Yellow Trail. (Photo by theperfectstorm)
Western end of the Blue trail heading north
Blue trail heading north, just after crossing the river. (Photo by theperfectstorm)
Interesting Geology
The limestone bed of this creek creates a natural spillway and fairly clear water since the limestone acts as a filter. (Photo by Lone_Star)
Another View Of The Trail
This is another view of the trail. (Photo by Lone_Star)
At The Summit
The summit provides a nice view of the Paluxy River below. (Photo by Lone_Star)
View Of The Trail
One part of the trail takes you up to the top of the hill overlooking the Paluxy River. (Photo by Lone_Star)
River Crossing
The trail crosses the Paluxy River at a couple of points. The rocks can be slippery when wet. (Photo by Lone_Star)
Natural Swimming Pool
The limestone in this section of the Paluxy River makes a popular, natural swimming spot. (Photo by Lone_Star)
And More Tracks
Here are some more dinosaur tracks. (Photo by Lone_Star)
More Tracks
This is a well-preserved dinosaur track. (Photo by Lone_Star)
This is a view of some dinosaur tracks preserved in the limestone. (Photo by Lone_Star)
Trail View
Dinosaur Valley State Park features 7 miles of trails. (Photo by Dave McDonald)
Another Trail View
The parks also boasts of some of the best preserved dinosaur tracks in the world. (Photo by Dave McDonald)
Paluxy River, east crossing
Stepping stones for crossing the Paluxy on the east side of the park. (Photo by kcameron)
East Paluxy River from bluff
This is the crossing as viewed from a bluff above the river. (Photo by kcameron)
Buckeye Creek crossing
Low water crossing over Buckeye Creek on the White Trail. (Photo by kcameron)
Grotto at Buckeye Creek headwaters
I suspect this is Buckeye Creek near the headwaters along the White Trail near the eastern boundary of the park. (Photo by kcameron)
Orange Trail views
The Orange Trail offers nice views of the surrounding countryside. (Photo by kcameron)
Paluxy River, west crossing
The Paluxy River on the west side of the park near the dinosaur tracks is much easier to cross. (Photo by kcameron)
Dino Tracks
Some of the better tracks I saw (Photo by jmitchell)
Dino Track
Another good one (dry) (Photo by jmitchell)
Some of the vegetation in the river canyons (Photo by jmitchell)
Lots of people can be found around the tracks... so no solitude there. I suspect the trails would be better. (Photo by jmitchell)