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Total Distance: 16.35 Miles (Rank: 212nd)
Average Distance: 3.27 Miles

Average Rating: 3point5stars (3.72)
Average Difficulty: 2point5stars (2.58)
Average Solitude: 3point5stars (3.71)

Earliest Log Entry: 12/1/2004
Latest Log Entry: 5/1/2005

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Log Entries
Too many people
Pedernales Falls - Wolf Mountain Trail - 5/1/2005  [View Log Page]
Rating: 2point5stars Difficulty: halfstar Solitude: halfstar
Distance: 8.50 Miles Duration: N/A
The trails are big enough to drive a truck down. People were everywhere. Lots of people were "camping" in the area provided, but while surrounded by other campers. This is a good hike if you're really old or don't walk much. However, parts of it were pretty cool. Some of the waterfalls were beautiful and if you get off the trail a bit it isn't too bad. It's not a great hike if you're really looking to get away from civilization though. This is a perfect hike for people who might be afraid of getting eaten by bears or killed by raccoons, you'll feel really safe and get to see trees.
Excellent night hike
Balcones Canyonlands NWR - Warbler Vista - 2/21/2005  [View Log Page]
Rating: 4point5stars Difficulty: 3stars Solitude: 5stars
Distance: 1.80 Miles Duration: N/A
Though slightly illegal, hiking this trail at night is really enjoyable. The wildlife is much more active and you get some great views of the night sky.
Great warm day, nice hike
Commons Ford - Waterfall Trail - 1/11/2005  [View Log Page]
Rating: N/A Difficulty: 2stars Solitude: 3point5stars
Distance: 1.25 Miles Duration: N/A
I took my time with this hike and made very little noise going through the woods. I didn't see any wildlife, but it was a beautiful trail. The waterfalls were bad ass.
Not a bad hike
Balcones Canyonlands NWR - Doeskin Ranch - 12/8/2004  [View Log Page]
Rating: N/A Difficulty: 2point5stars Solitude: N/A
Distance: 3.00 Miles Duration: N/A
I'm new to the area, so every hike has been amazing. This hike really gave me a feel of what Texas is all about. The creek is beautiful. It was quiet and I saw no other people.
Balcones Canyonlands NWR - Warbler Vista - 12/1/2004  [View Log Page]
Rating: N/A Difficulty: 1star Solitude: 4stars
Distance: 1.80 Miles Duration: N/A
This was a nice hike in the woods with some great views. The road was close so there was some noise, but the views made up for it. I saw no other people.