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Total Distance: 45.50 Miles (Rank: 61st)
Average Distance: 6.50 Miles

Average Rating: 3stars (3.35)
Average Difficulty: 2stars (2.45)
Average Solitude: 2point5stars (2.95)

Earliest Log Entry: 8/15/2005
Latest Log Entry: 5/26/2006

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The Window

Great view from the window! [Big Bend - The Window]
Log Entries
Another great hike!
Dinosaur Valley State Park - 5/26/2006  [View Log Page]
Rating: 5stars Difficulty: 1point5stars Solitude: 4point5stars
Distance: 4.00 Miles Duration: N/A
I'm quickly becoming a walking advertisement for this place. Another fantastic hike, a week after my last one; though the water everywhere was already noticably lower. Only saw one other group of people the entire time (on a Friday morning/afternoon). The neatest part had to have been when we were walking on the orange trail we saw a wild turkey. It was walking within a couple feet or so of us back and forth, acting crazy as hell. Very, very entertaining.
Cedar Hill State Park - 5/22/2006  [View Log Page]
Rating: 1point5stars Difficulty: 1star Solitude: 4point5stars
Distance: 11.00 Miles Duration: N/A
I hiked through the Duck Pond trail, the connecting trail, and the Talala trail and back. The map said it was 5.5 miles out strung together. Didn't feel that long. The scenery is actually nicer on the road (1382) leading up to the park and on the roads in the park than in the actual trails. The maps absolutely suck as far as being able to tell which way you need to go. I made a turn on duck pond that split at the restroom out there and it apparently isn't even on the map. Ends up being about one leg wide and mostly grown in, not to mention swarming with bees(I HATE bees... and I'm pretty sure they had their nice little homes under the dirt of the trail). It ended up following to a "scenic outlook" - which was just a few pieces of wood set up like an outlook. The actual scenic part was missing. This place is good for a hike if you're a complete beginner and want something easy and don't mind not having a rewarding view anywhere.
Fun hike!
Dinosaur Valley State Park - 5/20/2006  [View Log Page]
Rating: 5stars Difficulty: 1point5stars Solitude: halfstar
Distance: 5.50 Miles Duration: N/A
This was pretty fun! It's definitely not a place you'll want to go if solitutde is what you're looking for. However, we went off the trails and followed along in the main streams instead. It was great - soaking wet, but great. That was a nice way to find solitude in a busy park, too!
Cedar Ridge Preserve
Cedar Ridge Preserve - 5/7/2006  [View Log Page]
Rating: 3point5stars Difficulty: 2stars Solitude: 1star
Distance: 5.50 Miles Duration: N/A
Good hike - I went on a Sunday morning and there were about 5 other groups I saw walking on the trail. It rained alot this weekend so it was reaaaaaaally muddy, which made those hills nice and slippery. Pretty nice trails for the location. Good practice for a bigger hike.
Haha.. this isn't a hike.
Lester Lorch Park - 3/2/2006  [View Log Page]
Rating: halfstar Difficulty: halfstar Solitude: 5stars
Distance: 5.00 Miles Duration: N/A
I think the 0.5 mile list on here is generous. It's not worth the stop, even if you're driving by. It goes out to a pond in the park, which is more accessable from the regular park entrance anyways. We made the hike enjoyable by crossing the boundaries (shh!) and hiking through the woods clear out to where the big radio towers are and then back.