A morning's stroll

Weatherford Trailhead of Lake Mineral Wells Trailway
This is the Weatherford trailhead of the Lake Mineral Wells State Park Trailway.
User: kcameron - 11/24/2005

Location: Lake Mineral Wells State Park and Trailway

Rating: 3stars
Difficulty: 2stars  Solitude: 1star
Miles Hiked: 10.00 Miles  Elapsed Time: N/A

Comments: On Thanksgiving morning, my wife and I hiked 5 miles out from the Weatherford trailhead of the Trailway and back for a total of 10 miles. We were surprised at the number of people on the trail. We encountered at least 5 other hikers/joggers and probably a dozen or more bicyclists. At the trailhead, we saw some llamas in a pasture next to the trail. Immediately after leaving the trailhead, you cross Town Creek on a well-constructed bridge. Almost immediately on the right, there is an earthern dam running parralel to the trail. Farther up the trail, you get a glimpse or two of Sunshine Lake, which is formed from Town Creek. Benches begin appearing at intervals of roughly 1 mile, some at exactly the mile marker. Mile posts mark each mile of the trail. Town Creek continues to parallel the trail for at least 2 miles. Just over 3 miles is a road crossing. Just beyond this, Town Creek begins to veer away from the trail. At the 4 mile mark, you reach the highest point on the trail at 1,235 feet. This site is marked with a sign post and a couple of benches. Up to this point, the trail has been on a steady but gradual climb with only a couple of exceptions. From this point, the trail slopes gently downward. At just under 5 miles, you cross another road. After crossing the road, there is a bridge, and then the composting toilet at exactly 5 miles. There is a bicycle rack, a hitching rack, bench, and garbage can in addition to the toilet. At this point, we rested a bit, then made the return trip to the trailhead. Although this was a pleasant hike, it is probably not one we would do again, though I would like to bike the entire trail at some point. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of color along the trail. If you like seeing country life, this is a good trail. You are always in site of houses, barns, horses, cattle, and other aspects of farm/ranch life. If you enjoy getting away from things, though, you might be disappointed with this trail.

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Weatherford Trailhead of Lake Mineral Wells Trailway
Facilities at trailhead
Long trail
Fall colors
Area around Lake Mineral Wells State Park and Trailway
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