Park Mid-Section Burkett Park to 5 Points Junction and Back

This Year's First Painted Bunting
Not the best photo but proof that a male Painted Bunting was spotted!
User: MikeHikes - 5/27/2020

Location: San Angelo State Park

Rating: 4stars
Difficulty: 1star  Solitude: 5stars
Miles Hiked: 6.80 Miles  Elapsed Time: 3 hours, 45 minutes


Out   -     Burkett Park > WS to LL Connector > Roller Coaster > West Potts Creek > Turkey Creek > 5 Points Junction   4.5 miles

Return -   5 Points Junction > Flintstone (S) > service road (NE) > Trailhead to Trailhead (S) > Burkett Trail > Burkett Park   2.3 miles

Temp started at 67, ended at 85.  Sunny with light, steady wind.

A good hike along easy to see, dry trails.  Saw a family of javalinas, a cottontail rabbit and lots of singing birds but most of the birds were "the usual suspects".  One bird I haven't seen for awhile was this year's first Painted Bunting (photo attached). All the cactus blossoms have gone, wildflowers are still present with the majority being skinny purple flowers and Mexican Hats.  Recent rains have "greened" up the park and the grasshoppers are becoming more common.  All in all, it was a very pleasant morning walking in the park.


I am using the new signage to identify the trails.  Example, West Potts Creek trail has "absorbed" what used to be the western portion of Armadillo Trail.

Water, shade, info kiosk and dry toilets available at Burkett Park.

Water, shade, info kiosk available at 5 Points Junction.

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This Year's First Painted Bunting
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