South Shore Tasajilla Flats Hike and Trash Loop

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User: MikeHikes - 2/5/2016

Location: San Angelo State Park

Rating: 3stars
Difficulty: halfstar  Solitude: 5stars
Miles Hiked: 4.20 Miles  Elapsed Time: 3 hours


Final third of the Tasajilla Flats Trails > Nature Loop (S)     

Sunny with temps in the mid 40's and gusty winds.

Wanted to complete the trash pick up along the Tasailla Flats Trail I started earlier this week.  Hiking along the trail and spotting trash was not the most ideal hike but a necessary one.  Made about three complete circuits, and then some, gathering four big bags of trash consisting of bottles, cans, car parts and a few things that I couldn't identify.

I am certain when this portion of the park was underwater, it was a favorite cove for fisherman.  Fishing must be a dehydrating task as attested by the numerous beverage containers found which I know were tossed over the side of the boat. I assume modern day fishermen have more respect for the environment and don't do the same thing but ......

Still have a few trails that need to be scoured but I feel confident the vast majority of the trash has been picked up along this trail.


Area around San Angelo State Park
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