Mineola Nature Preserve

3.00 Miles
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Pond at trailhead
Pond located at trailhead. Note the paved trail. (Photo by kcameron)
Beaver Pond
Note the old railroad supports still standing upright in the Beaver Pond. (Photo by kcameron)
Loop Trail
The Loop Trail is about 1 mile and it appears to be the least used. (Photo by kcameron)
Benches are scattered along the trail. (Photo by kcameron)
Railroad Supports
More railroad supports; these are at the southern end of the trail. (Photo by kcameron)
Wildlife Viewing Station
This wildlife viewing station offers views up the treeless "wildlife viewing corridors". Trailhead facilities are in the background on the hill. (Photo by kcameron)
Wild Pigs
Wild pigs visible in a corridor. Note trailhead facilities on hill in background. (Photo by kcameron)
Viewing Station
Another viewing station, this one providing a chance to take in the wetlands. (Photo by kcameron)
North Spur
Since the trail is an old rail bed, it is straight and level. (Photo by kcameron)
Buffaloes and longhorns were grazing in the pasture to the north of the trailhead. (Photo by kcameron)
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