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Lone Star Hiking Trail - Kelly/Caney Creek Section

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Trailhead I started/ended my hike at TH6. (Photo by Lone_Star) Prescribed Burn The area north of 1375 has undergone a prescribed burn and is a little depressing. (Photo by Lone_Star) Caterpillar I saw this huge, cool-looking caterpillar on the trail hiking in the opposite direction. :) (Photo by Lone_Star)
View Of The Trail This bridge was partially collapsed, but still passable. (Photo by Lone_Star) Bridge Some of the larger creeks have wooden bridges like this one to pass over. (Photo by Lone_Star) Pines... Forever! This is what I like about the Lone Star Hiking Trail the most - the trees! (Photo by Lone_Star)
Excellent Signage Although the Lone Star Hiking Trail takes you deep into the woods, the good signage provides a lot of comfort and keeps you on track. (Photo by Lone_Star) Palmettos A grove of palmettos can be found along Caney Creek on the Little Lake Creek (LLC) Loop Trail. (Photo by Lone_Star) Little Lake Creek (LLC) Loop This LLC Loop Trail is not on the official Lone Star Hiking Trail, but is an alternate loop you can take. It was not very well maintained when I hiked it, though. (Photo by Lone_Star)
Mileage Although the track file only shows 20.9 miles, the hike was 21.6 miles. The track file will usually be less than the odometer reading due to the fact it is only a periodic recording of data points. (Photo by Lone_Star)

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