Cross Timbers Trail Photos

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Eagle's Roost
Signpost near Eagle's Roost. Entertaining to read. (Photo by Saihbreas)
Low-water bridge crossing. (Photo by Saihbreas)
Monument at little used primitive camping area. (Photo by Saihbreas)
Paw Paw Creek Trail head
Paw Paw Creek Trail head. Very end of the trail. (Photo by Saihbreas)
Lake Texoma
Great views of the lake from this trail. Cool breezes coming off the lake even in summer time. (Photo by Saihbreas)
Trail sign
Helpful trail sign. (Photo by Saihbreas)
Mile marker
Mile marker (Photo by Saihbreas)
Cross Timbers Trail
more fun along the trail (Photo by BoxOfRain)
one of our favorite campsites
Just at the top of the hill around the 4 mile mark past Cedar Bayou Marina (Photo by BoxOfRain)
Low tide
On this particular trip (and others) the lake levels were pretty low, but did nothing to diminish enjoyment of the trails! (Photo by BoxOfRain)
Trails are very clearly marked up to about the 12 mile point...after that, not so much.....not sure of the accuracy but very visible and well maintained (Photo by BoxOfRain)
somewhere approaching 5 mile camp
friends on the trail...... (Photo by BoxOfRain)
ghillie point
My wife and I affectionately refer to this as Ghillie Point because the first time we hiked the trail, every time we passed this point there was a young man in a ghillie suit and his dog just sitting there.....never appeared to have moved. (Photo by BoxOfRain)
It's hard to tell from the picture I shot, but the first mile of the trail has a lot of this. There is a cliff just on the other side of that brush, and the trail goes right along side it. (Photo by skigil)
Camping Spot
One of the very many, beautiful camping spots. (Photo by skigil)
Typical Trail
This is what most of the trail looks like in the first 10 miles. Nicely wooded and shaded from the sun (Photo by skigil)
This map needs a little TLC, but I got the idea. (Photo by skigil)