Sawmill Hiking Trail Photos

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Old Saw Mill
Time has taken it's toll. (Photo by CraigS)
Old Saw Mill
More pics of the Old Saw mill (Photo by CraigS)
Vintage Signs
The trail is well marked with modern signage. However this is one of several signs from the past marking the trail. (Photo by CraigS)
Water fall
Another SETx water fall, as small as it may counts also. (Photo by CraigS)
Water fall
Southeast Texas waterfall...not big by comparison to other in Texas...but it's ours. (Photo by CraigS)
Boykin Spring
Some really nice views along the first half of the trail (Photo by CraigS)
Not your normal crossing
There is a trail around this "not suggested" crossing (Photo by CraigS)
Bridge out
One of several ravines where the bridge is out (Photo by CraigS)
Bridge Crossing
One of many bridge crossing along this trail. (Photo by CraigS)
Old Saw Mill
Tucked deep in the piney woods of SETx. A pretty neat building despite the graffiti. (Photo by CraigS)
Boykin Springs
Crossing creek at Boykin Springs trailhead (Photo by Eveline)
Aldridge Sawmill Historic Site
Aldridge Sawmill Historic Site (Photo by Eveline)
Tall Pines
Tall Pines and lot of needles underfoot. (Photo by Eveline)