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Earliest Log Entry: 11/13/2020
Latest Log Entry: 11/13/2020

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A Wild Trail Not For City Slickers
Trail Between The Lakes - 11/13/2020  [View Log Page]
Rating: 4stars Difficulty: 4stars Solitude: 5stars
Distance: 4.00 Miles Duration: 4 hours

I've been volunteering on the TBTL for a year now after volunteering on the Lone Star Hiking Trail for 29 years. The Golden Triangle Group of the Sierra Club has been working very hard to maintain the trail and had just finished maintenace(Mowing, trimming, trail markers, removing fallen trees) of the entire 28 miles when the two Lousianna hurricanes roured up the border area. Even with the Covid scam, volunteers have removed 105 of 495 trees blown on the the TBTL. Most of the fallen trees are on the Eastern end close to Toledo Bend. Volunteers started clearing trail from the West Trailhead# 3, off of US 96, and are working East.

    To date, MIle 28 to Mile 18 has been cleared of fallen trees, and some parts, mowed a second time this year. We are working toward Trailhead# 2 in Yellowpine. Thus, go take a hike on the Trail Between The Lakes starting at Trailhead# 3. GPS Location: 31.178467, -93.971807   or   31°10' 42 .5"N 93°58'18.5"W     Directions: From FM 201 & US 96: Drive on North on US 96 for 200ft. Turn right onto Williams Drive and drive 400 ft

At this time, I would not recomend hiking the East side of the TBTL as it has the majority of the tress down on the trail from the hurricane's winds. Consider volunteering to maintain the TBTL. For maps and trail information, go to www.trailbetweenthelakes.org  or social media group,  https://mewe.com/join/trailbetweenthelakes

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