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Total Distance: 46.06 Miles (Rank: 60th)
Average Distance: 4.19 Miles

Average Rating: 3stars (3.12)
Average Difficulty: 1point5stars (1.73)
Average Solitude: 2point5stars (2.51)

Earliest Log Entry: 8/15/2006
Latest Log Entry: 11/28/2009

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Boulder Park Trail

Bridge Detail [Boulder Park]
Log Entries
Great Hike at the Top of Hill Country
Meridian State Park - 11/28/2009  [View Log Page]
Rating: 4stars Difficulty: 2stars Solitude: 5stars
Distance: 5.00 Miles Duration: 3 hours, 45 minutes

Hiked Bosque, Shinnery Ridge, Little Forest Junior, and Little Sptings trails for a great morning of hiking. Cutting through sites 25 and 26 was weird, but everyone was friendly. Park was maybe half full and the weather was great!!!

Great hike.
Martin Creek Lake State Park - 11/29/2008  [View Log Page]
Rating: 4stars Difficulty: 2stars Solitude: 5stars
Distance: 4.25 Miles Duration: 3 hours, 30 minutes

Started on the hike/bike loop around Bee Tree, somehow ended up on the hike only trail (they criss cross alot), and ended up back on the bike only trail. Cut across large parking lot and continued to the island. Looped and zig-zagged across the island trails, cut around shoreline. Great hike all around.

Good hike with good views.
Tyler State Park - Lakeside Trail - 9/2/2008  [View Log Page]
Rating: 2stars Difficulty: 1star Solitude: 2stars
Distance: 2.00 Miles Duration: 1 hour

Great little hike around the lake. Trail fades near the amphitheater, but as long as you stay near the water's edge you'll be fine.

Sleeper trails full of surpirses.
Tyler State Park - 8/31/2008  [View Log Page]
Rating: 3stars Difficulty: 3stars Solitude: 4stars
Distance: 4.06 Miles Duration: 2 hours, 44 minutes

Don't let the official map fool you, these trails have some bite. Trails C and D have plenty of switchbacks to keep you moving at a good clip. There are a couple of inclines that will really test your mettle. trails loop close to park roads if you need to cut a trek short.

Main Trail Under Construction, Great Park
Campion Trail - 7/28/2008  [View Log Page]
Rating: 3stars Difficulty: 1star Solitude: 4stars
Distance: 1.50 Miles Duration: 24 minutes

The main trail that comprises Campion Trails is currently under construction. According to park employeee I spoke with, the contruction is at least 1 year underway with no sign of completion anytime soon. The trail will be used for walking, biking, and equestrian once completed

The park at the trailhead is very nice with a 3/4 mile extra wide paved loop and plenty of space for the kids to run or bike ride. The park closes promptly at sundown.