Small Park, But Very Different

This is the sign to the park.
User: Lone_Star - 2/28/2008

Location: Goose Island State Park

Difficulty:  Solitude:
Miles Hiked: 1.00 Mile  Elapsed Time: 20 minutes


Goose Island State Park is a very small park (perhaps the smallest I have visited), but it has some interesting aspects to it.  First, it is bordered by both St. Charles Bay and Aransas Bay and is home to a lot of birds.  Second, it offers camping in a wooded area as well as along the beach.  Finally, for the explorer, there is a small half-mile nature trail in the wooded area and a long (1/4 mile?) pier that takes you out into the waters of Aransas Bay.  There are "exit points" along the pier where you can walk out along the shoals and see countless numbers of seashells (mostly clams and scallops).  You may also see a number of pelicans and fishing birds/gulls in the area.  If the tide is low, you may get to experience the full effect of Stinky Beach. :-)

Log Photos
Entrance Sign
Long Pier
Step Off The Pier
Area around Goose Island State Park
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