Felt a bit neglected, but saw some wildlife

There's a bench back in there among the weeds. This was typical of the neglected, weedy look near the Alsatia/Currin trailhead.
User: plectrudis - 10/31/2016

Location: Slaughter Creek Greenbelt

Difficulty:  Solitude:
Miles Hiked: 2.60 Miles  Elapsed Time: N/A


I parked at the intersection of Alsatia & Currin, and the entrance to the trail system had the sort of weedy, desolate look of a vacant lot, rather than the look of a park or nature preserve--lots of Johnsongrass-looking gangly weeds and an overgrown trail. It was Halloween, so maybe my imagination was running away with me, but it felt like the sort of place where people dump bodies.

However, if you push on through, it starts looking more like a typical HIll Country landscape (little bluestem, mesquite, and juniper) and less like a derelict lot. There's a nice creekbed, and a modest bluff climbs up over it.  And the animals are clearly thriving there--I saw a roadrunner, three deer, and a flood of butterflies.  There's some shade, but not a ton.

Despite being surrounded by suburbia, the trail was eerily quiet--I only ever saw 2 other people, which probably contributed to my general feeling of unease.

Bottom line: I probably wouldn't go out of my way to visit this park again, though if I were a local, I'd use it in cool weather/evenings, preferably with a walking buddy or a dog.

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More typical Hill Country Vegetation further in
Rock wall
Gulf Fritillary
Area around Slaughter Creek Greenbelt