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Phlox and other small wildflowers at Slaughter Creek
Phlox and other small wildflowers at Slaughter Creek
User: plectrudis - 4/11/2016

Location: Slaughter Creek Preserve Trail

Rating: 4stars
Difficulty: 2stars  Solitude: 4stars
Miles Hiked: 3.40 Miles  Elapsed Time: N/A


I really like this trail.  It's not especially spectacular, and there are scarcely any water features, but it feels pleasantly intimate--there are lots of pocket-sized little ecosystems dotted throughout--patches of woodlands, snippets of prairies, bits of hillsides--lots of nice variety.

I've hiked it twice, in late March and again in mid-April, and there are carpets of pretty little wildflowers--vivid magenta phlox, bright indigo blue-eyed grass, pinky-purple alliums, celestials, a low-growing yellow daisy of some kind, Heller's[?] plantain (Plantago), and that tiny, white umbelliferous thing that smells sweet*.

So far, I've only gone in the evenings (after work) in the spring--I suspect I won't like it so much in July or in the middle of the day.  But for my purposes, it's a very nice hike.

Note that the gate shuts itself at dusk, and there's a very menacing sign saying that anyone on the property after that time is guilty of criminal trespass.  So watch the time and don't take on more than you can hike in the amount of daylight available to you!

*UPDATED: Valerianella.  Took a while to track it down, as it's too small and insignificant a blossom to appear in most online guides. Thanks to this guy:

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Phlox and other small wildflowers at Slaughter Creek
Carpet of yellow daisies
Area around Slaughter Creek Preserve Trail