one of our favorite campsites
Just at the top of the hill around the 4 mile mark past Cedar Bayou Marina
User: BoxOfRain - 5/24/2014

Location: Cross Timbers Trail

Rating: 4point5stars
Difficulty: 3stars  Solitude: 4stars
Miles Hiked: 28.00 Miles  Elapsed Time: 12 hours


Love Love Love this trail.....have made this trail many times.....finally got to "thru-hike" from end to end (and back).    I will have to say that my favorite part is from Juniper point west to paw paw (I forgot the name of the resort/store they've changed it recently) after that the trail becomes relatively flat, and large stretches of open (uncovered) trail (not my favorite thing in Texas Summers).  Also, we had several encounters with various snakes on that stretch, (not trying to scare anyone....just be on the lookout)   and then once you round the final penninsula and come around the little inlet approaching the Rock Creek resort the trail marking becomes very vague at best.....the trail isn't really maintained well past the paw paw creek marina thingee, unless you want to just say you hiked the whole trail I would say you aren't missing much overall I would give the first 11 miles a perfect 5 (for Texas) and then after that...not so much.  My favorite part is definitely between cedar bayou marina and 5 mile camp (or even on to paw paw)....lots of nice established campsites, trails very well marked, and (in my experience) pretty quiet (even on holiday weekends)....anyway that's my two cents worth...I could be wrong....

Log Photos
ghillie point
somewhere approaching 5 mile camp
Low tide
one of our favorite campsites
Cross Timbers Trail
Area around Cross Timbers Trail
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