Happy New Year - More Trails To Hike! :-)

Entrance Sign
This is the sign to the Natural Area.
User: Lone_Star - 1/1/2014

Location: Hill Country State Natural Area

Rating: 1star
Difficulty: 1point5stars  Solitude: 2point5stars
Miles Hiked: 7.50 Miles  Elapsed Time: 3 hours, 12 minutes


My friend and I hiked a couple of looping trails in the Hill Country State Natural Area.  We were both hungover pretty bad from an awesome New Year's Party that my hiking friends from San Antonio threw the night before, so we got a really late start.  In addition, my friend was still having stomach pains, so we took it easy.

The signage was pretty good, but there are a lot of informal trails and at some points I was unsure if I was on the official trail or not.  The trails we hiked were OK, but not spectacular.  It was just a place to walk around.

We camped at the primitive camping area along the creek in the evening.  The camping spots were very nice under a canopy of large oak trees.  It was brisk at night, so we lit a fire to stay warm.  After sunset, some curious coyotes circled our campsite and came within 30 feet of us.  Their eyes eerily reflected the light from our headlamps.  My friend got a little anxious, but I told him they were just looking for food so we stored our food in my bear can and didn't have any problems.

Our plan was to do some additional hiking the next couple of day and I was looking forward to getting some mileage in, but due to my friend's illness we decided to return to Houston the next morning.

P.S.  Be advised that they do not sell fire wood at the Hill Country SNA.  If you plan to light a camp fire, get your fire wood in town on the way there.

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Entrance Sign
View Of The Trail
Another View Of The Trail
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