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Gorman Falls is a must-see. Very beautiful and serene.
User: Lone_Star - 6/22/2013

Location: Gorman Falls Trail

Difficulty:  Solitude:
Miles Hiked: 11.50 Miles  Elapsed Time: 5 hours, 24 minutes


This hike spans the River Trail, Old Gorman Road, Gorman Falls, and the Gorman Springs Trail.  Rather than break up my hike for each trail, which would be a lot of unnecessary, self-inflicted work, I will make one single log entry here.  Hopefully, in the future, a single park like this one won't be split into 11 separate locations!

I did this hike as a part of a group.  The River Trail was nice and shaded and provided scenic views of the Colorado River.  We took the Dogleg Canyon Trail up the hill to the Cedar Chopper Loop cutoff, then went back down Old Gorman Road over to Gorman Falls.  On our way back, we hiked up and back on the Gorman Springs Trail, then returned to camp along the River Trail.

I enjoyed this hike very much, even though it occurred on a day when the temperature was close to 100 degrees.  Gorman Falls was a very scenic spot, much like a living postcard.  Gorman Springs was also a very nice hike up a short, shaded canyon along the water.  These two spots made the hike worthwhile and it also highlighted the tremendous diversity in this state park.  In some areas, you see cacti and prairie grass; in others, you see waterfalls, moss and ferns.

The River Trail is a nice walk along the Colorado River.  The mosquitos were not that bad, although a few came out at dusk.  The Colorado River makes for some good swimming and a chance to cool off after the hike. 


Log Photos
Gorman Falls
Colorado River
Gorman Springs
Another View Of Gorman Springs
Scenic Canyons
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