Forest & Slough Trails

This is the sign to the Hen House Ridge section of the park.
User: Lone_Star - 6/4/2013

Location: Martin Dies, Jr. State Park

Difficulty:  Solitude:
Miles Hiked: 2.80 Miles  Elapsed Time: 58 minutes


Martin Dies, Jr State Park is an unusual park in that it has two sections (Hen House Ridge Unit and Walnut Ridge Unit) that are separated by Hwy 190.

Since I have separate track files for each section, I will log them separately.  This log covers the trails in the Hen House Ridge Unit (i.e., the Forest Trail and the Slough Trail).

I started my hike right at the Park HQs on the Forest Trail.  It is aptly named because it takes you through a wooded area.  It's not very long or scenic, but a nice place to stretch your legs.

I crossed Park Road 48 and continued my hike on the Slough Trail.  For those of you that don't know what a slough (pronounced "slew") is, I was told it was an area filled by backwater.  To me, it looked like a swamp and, indeed, there are alligators living in the slough, but apparently it's not quite the same as a swamp (similar to the fact that Inuits have many different words for snow).

The Slough Trail is a longer loop and takes you right through/over a part of Gum Slough, but otherwise there isn't very much to see or photograph.

For the rest of the Martin Dies, Jr. State Park trails, you can read my other log of the Walnut Ridge section here.

Log Photos
Entrance Sign
Forest Trailhead
Slough Trailhead
View Of The Slough Trail
View Of The Forest Trail
Area around Martin Dies, Jr. State Park
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