Plenty of people enjoying the trail.

A view along the trail leading up to the "Overlook". From here there's a vertical drop into the creek canyon and one of the trails below.
User: Austin Explorer - 5/12/2013

Location: Purgatory Creek Natural Area

Difficulty:  Solitude:
Miles Hiked: 8.40 Miles  Elapsed Time: 4 hours, 4 minutes


I hiked most of upper Purgatory Creek today.  The one exception was the Paraiso Trail, which is closed through the end of May for Golden Cheek Warbler nesting.  I'll come back another time to mark that part off.

The weather was pleasant today and not too hot.  There were some muddy sections to navigate given the recent rains but much of the trail is rather rough and rocky so the was not much of an issue.

During my hike I spotted two white tail deer and even a wild turkey.  Unlike the deer, the wild turkey didn't seem too disturbed by my presense.

Log Photos
Trail View
Coming up to the Overlook
Look out below!
Talking turkey with the locals