Long Loop

Piers At Clear Lake Park
These piers are popular with people that like to fish.
User: Lone_Star - 3/2/2013

Location: Bay Area Hike & Bike Trail

Rating: 1point5stars
Difficulty: 3point5stars  Solitude: halfstar
Miles Hiked: 9.00 Miles  Elapsed Time: 3 hours


Before I start my log, let me state up front that the total length of this trail is approximately 10 miles.  The Harris County Precinct 2 Parks & Recreation website states it is a 5.2 mile trail, but that is WRONG.

The Bay Area Hike & Bike Trail is a long loop with a "tail".  I did not hike the "tail", only the loop, which is why I hiked 9 miles, not 10.  The trail goes around Pasadena Lake, but you don't realize it since the lake is narrow and cuts through one part of the trail.  The trail is paved (partly concrete, partly asphalt) that is sometimes on the right hand side of the road and, for some segments, is on the left hand side of the road.  The signage is not that great, so be sure to look to see which side of the street it is on.

This trail is primarily for bikers, but also good for distance joggers and hikers.  Be sure it's within your capability because you don't want to get stranded somewhere along the way.  There is little to no solitude on this trail since you walk along busy streets where cars roar by at 40-55 mph, but there are some parks along the way you can stop and rest.  One of them is Clear Lake Park, another is Bay Area Park, and the other is the Armand Bayou Nature Center.  I recommend you park your vehicle at one of these parks and use it as a start/finish point.  Just be sure to get back before sunset so the gates aren't locked.

If you're really ambitious, you can catch the Armand Bayou Hike & Bike Trail at the intersection of Red Bluff Road and Bay Area Blvd.  You can my log of that trail here.

To read my log of Clear Lake Park, click here.

To read my log of the Armand Bayou Nature Center, click here.


Log Photos
Piers At Clear Lake Park
Trail Near UofH @ Clear Lake
Bay Area Park
Long Straightaways
Armand Bayou Nature Center
Another View Of The Trail
Another View Of The Trail
Area around Bay Area Hike & Bike Trail