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User: skigil - 11/18/2010

Location: Cross Timbers Trail

Rating: 4point5stars
Difficulty: 4stars  Solitude: 4point5stars
Miles Hiked: 14.00 Miles  Elapsed Time: 20 hours

Comments: So I decided to come back and do an overnight trip. I wanted to be able to get to at least Eagle Roost. ....Which I did in a round about sort of way.

There is some good information about the trail on this site:
http://www.cedarbayou.com/cross_timbers.asp (and also a better map)

Last time I went I was able to reach the "5-mile" camp and turned around. This time I wanted to reach at least Eagle Roost before setting up camp. Since I was carrying 40 pounds on my back (I brought to much water and food) I got tired but was smart enough to take a few breaks here and there.

At around lunch time, I found myself just past "5-mile" camp and was certain Eagle Roost was just around the corner, so I decided to stop at this sudo-campsite directly on the lake. While I was eating my lunch I couldn't help but realize what beauty was around me. So I decided to pitch my tent. Long story short, I took a nap after lunch, then hiked about one more mile to Eagle Roost and back to my camp before the sun set.

Night time was intense. I got plenty of sleep, but I heard a loud symphony of coyotes, and many other animals in the area were making lots of noise. I think it got down to 34 degrees that night. It was chilly, but I was warm!

I'm giving this a 4.5 rating because I actually did see 3 people over the 2 days I was on the trail. The first day I saw a couple with their dog doing some day hiking. The second day I say a trail runner (I gotta give that guy props).

Oh one last thing. I noticed a few different mile markers on the trail this time. I personally do not believe them. They say one thing, but my iPhone says a different thing. Like, perhaps "5-mile" camp is really 6-mile camp? ...at least from Juniper Point West?

Anyways, I'd still like to do this entire trail one day, so hopefully you will all see me on here again.

Area around Cross Timbers Trail
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