Kleb Woods Nature Preserve

2.00 Miles
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Wildlife Lookout
This is the wildlife lookout at Moccasin Marsh. This nature preserve is a popular area for bird watchers. (Photo by Lone_Star)
Green Algae Pond
This small pond is in the wetlands area. (Photo by Lone_Star)
Beware Of Snakes
Apparently, there are a variety of snakes. I didn't see any, but it would not be wise to wear clothing that will bare your legs. (Photo by Lone_Star)
Don't Eat The Holly Berries!
These small red berries are pretty and tempting to eat, but mildly toxic to humans. Consuming just a few can make you sick and a large number can kill you. (Photo by Lone_Star)
Trail Map
This shows the layout of the nature preserve and the trail routes. (Photo by Lone_Star)
Entrance Sign
This is what you'll see as you enter. (Photo by Lone_Star)
Typical trail
A typical trail at Kelb Woods (Photo by jmitchell)
Marsh area
Reflections in the marsh area (Photo by jmitchell)
New Trail
A new trail, not yet on the official map (Photo by jmitchell)
Green Pond
Green Pond, VERY cool (Photo by jmitchell)
Log Entries
By Lone_Star on 2/2/2013
Rating: 1point5stars Difficulty: 1point5stars Solitude: 2point5stars
Distance: 2.00 Miles Duration: 1 hour

There are five trails at the Kleb Woods Nature Preserve - four are at the southern end (Wetlands Trail, Live Oak Trail, Farm Trail, and Nature Trail) and one at the northern end (Half-Mile Trail and Loop).  The four trails at the southern park interconnect at different points.

This is a nice, short nature walk and a nice way to spend an hour or so.  Very easy, flat trails.  I hesitate to call it hiking because I usually reserve the word for longer, more rigorous treks in more remote areas.  A lot of birdwatchers visit this park, but on the day I went they didn't have too much luck.

I would recommend this if you're in the area or looking for a new adventure.  With the high price of gas, I wouldn't make a separate trip out of it.

By eztouchwin2 on 8/30/2009
Rating: 3stars Difficulty: 1star Solitude: 2stars
Distance: 2.00 Miles Duration: N/A
Great little trail--more of a walk than a hike
By blkeller on 1/2/2009
Rating: 3stars Difficulty: 1star Solitude: 4stars
Distance: 1.50 Miles Duration: N/A

I did this on a Friday afternoon when nobody was around except the workers at the nature center. I hiked all three loops starting in the north end of the park, down into the nature trail and farm trail section then back to the north parking lot.

That length is a guess based on the maps. I don't have a good time estimate because I was Geocaching at the time as well so that throws time to the dogs.

Great Getaway near Houston
By jmitchell on 5/7/2007
Rating: 4stars Difficulty: 1star Solitude: 4stars
Distance: 2.00 Miles Duration: 1 hour, 45 minutes