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Monument Hill and Kreische Brewery State Historic Sites

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La Grange Fayette
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The monument and tomb of the Dawson expedition dead mark a solemn spot.

Getting there: From Austin head east on Highway 71. Proceed into La Grange and turn right onto State Highway 77 and head south. Turn right onto Spur 92 and look for the park headquarters and parking area on the right.

The Hikes: At 40 acres, Monument Hill and Kreische Brewery State Historical Parks do not provide enough space for a wide ranging hike. However, it does provide no less than three separate hikes, each of which provides ample opportunity for getting some hiking in and learning more about the natural and political history of Texas.

The park includes 3 hiking trails and numerous sites and ruins of historic importance.
This park is actually two separate parks that are administered as a single unit. The Monument Hill State Historic Park includes the tomb of Republic of Texas militia who were killed fighting against the Mexican Army in the 1840's when the young Texas nation tried to exert its newly won independence from Mexico.

The Kreische Brewery State Historic Park includes the homestead of Heinrich Kreische, a German immigrant who built up a profitable trade in stone work before branching out to other pursuits. His most enduring legacy is the brewery, the remains of which lie in the valley below his home.

The parks sits on a high ridge line overlooking the town of La Grange. This provides some spectacular views.
The approximately 1.5 miles of hiking at the combined park, when mixed with interpretive guides and displays can provide hours of activity. Mix in some time for a picnic at the many picnic tables and one can easily make a day of it at the park.

The Nature Trail comes in at under a half mile. It descends slightly into the small valley that contains the Kreische Brewery farther downhill. An optional 75 cent interpretive guide provides insight into some of the native flora and fauna of the area.

The History Trail features the tomb of members of the Dawson Expedition, who in the 1840's had been formed to drive Mexican forces from San Antonio. The Kreische family home looks out over excellent views of the Colorado River and the town of La Grange.

The Brewery Trail is a guided tour of the ruins of the Kreische Brewery that takes place at 2:00 and 3:30 PM every Saturday and Sunday. Access to the Brewery itself is not allowed outside of the organized tour.


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